Whether you are visiting us on a private holiday, as a business traveller or a golfer, we want your meeting with us to be a positive, personal experience. Our peaceful location in a lovely green setting, just a stone's throw from the A6 Center shopping experience or the A6 Golf Club, makes us a popular hotel for all kinds of visitors. We also offer you added value, such as free access to our pool and gym - not to mention free parking! We have 60 spacious rooms of 38 m² each, which can be used as single, double, three-bed or even four-bed rooms. Because each room consists of a bedroom and a living room, they're also ideal for families. Each room has a personal storage area outside the door for items such as golf bags, and each has a patio or balcony, TV, refrigerator and a large bathroom with a shower. Just crawl into the freshly pressed sheets and relax.


Sweet dreams!